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Houston, TX - Dec 8  

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Boston, MA - Mar 18


In this energetic, hands-on full-day session, you'll discover what it takes to write compelling proposals, reports, business letters, and emails that get results.

What you will learn.

Most often, business people and technical professionals write to convince others to do something – change a process, take an action, or approve a decision. Through case studies, hands-on exercises, and guided assignments, you will learn to think analytically and communicate your ideas persuasively.

John Sturtevant’s Persuasive Business Writing combines real-world business examples and interactive accelerated-learning techniques to give you practical, relevant skills you can use immediately.

After completing this full-day workshop, you will be able to:

• Apply analytical-thinking techniques to assess key issues and decision points

• Define and identify audience perceptions and expectations

• Create and structure logical, persuasive, and clearly-organized documents

• Recognize, consider, and effectively address opposing points of view

• Assess and measure the effects of your writing through active listening


Morning: Analytical Thinking

The most common mistake people make is to begin writing without planning. In many organizations, business goals focus on time – getting things done quickly – rather than getting things done effectively. Unfortunately, this approach nearly always leads to poor communication and unproductive relationships between managers, colleagues, clients, and the public.

You will learn to examine your messages and topics, analyze options, choose a reader-focused strategy, organize your ideas, and communicate with purpose.

You will gain the confidence and skills to:

• Understand four ways to define a specific writing objective

• Develop a clear, focused message for your reader

• Use words that more precisely communicate your meaning and purpose

• Develop greater confidence and increase your productivity

• Identify primary audience types and corresponding perspectives

Grammar & Mechanics

You will learn to craft clear sentences, structure logical paragraphs, and eliminate embarrassing and costly writing mistakes.

Sentences & Paragraphs

Sentences - People use them every day, but don’t know what they are

Paragraphs - Your document’s rhythm section

Active Voice – How to focus the reader on who is doing what

Principles of Revision & Editing

You will examine good and bad examples of style, structure, word choice, and clarity, and practice transforming confusing writing into clear writing.

Afternoon: Persuasive Writing

You will learn how to structure an argument, introduce facts, support claims, and make clear recommendations – all essential to persuasive business writing. Using the ideas you generated in your brainstorming exercise, you will craft a persuasive argument outline.

You will learn to:

• Identify key issues and problems to be resolved

• Develop a logical and persuasive argument

• Test your logic using a syllogism

• Create a seven-step proof line of your argument structure

• Consider and address opposing points of view


You will define your purpose, audience, and expected outcome, and write a persuasive document with a logical structure and a clear recommendation.

We’ll read the assignments and discuss how each participant approached the planning and writing. You will reinforce your skills and learn from other participants through peer critiques.


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To learn more & register, click any of these locations:


Houston, TX - Dec 8 

Seattle, WA - Feb 12

Boston, MA - Mar 18


 Who should attend:

John Sturtevant's Persuasive Business Writing is designed for people at all levels in technology, oil & gas, financial services, healthcare, retail – anyone who needs to think clearly, organize their ideas, and write persuasively.


About your instructor: mehands.jpg

John Sturtevant is a certified trainer in the Accelerated Learning Method. He has taught thousands of business people around the world how to think analytically and communicate their ideas clearly and persuasively.

John was a successful business writer for 20 years. He also taught writing at Harvard Business School and was Professor of Business Communications at The European School of Economics.

John earned the All-Star Speaker honor from the International Association of Business Communicators. He leads public workshops and onsite training for organizations worldwide.


 To learn more & register, click any of these locations:


Houston, TX - Dec 8 

Seattle, WA - Feb 12

Boston, MA - Mar 18






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